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About our company

Fervid Hosting is a new, redesigned and completely improved version of a Minecraft hosting company started in late 2017. Our main goal of the company will always be to provide the best possible service and product at a price that is good value for money.

We will continue to strive to meet this goal in the future as we expand our services and locations. We understand that starting a Minecraft server might be overwhelming to some than others, so we have built the hosting infrastructure and support team to help you every step of the way. Whilst focusing on simplicity, our services are also highly customizable, making them perfect for new and advanced users!

Our wealth of features, customizability and affordable prices make us the platform of choice for everyone, from casual gamers to income dependant networks or businesses.

Meet the team

Fervid Hosting realise on a driven team, we put together a team that strives together so we can make sure your server and it players can have the fun experience our customers deserve. We make sure that our staff is fully trained in their area of expertise, and if they aren't then all staff can direct you to one of their personnel managers so we make sure all situations are taken care of in a timely manner.

  • Logan G. - CEO & Founder
  • N/A - CFO
  • Nathan (Chucky) W. - General Manager
  • N/A - System Administrator
  • N/A - Designer
  • N/A - Customer Support
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